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X300 Question

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I just bought me a used 2006 X300 with 460 hours. My question is it seems really slow compared to my old LT160, the specs on the 160 says the top speed is 5.8 mph compared to the X300 which says it's top speed is 5.5 mph. Is there any way to adjust the speed or is it being rather slow telling me there may be some other transmission related problems?

Maybe it's just my imagination.

Thanks ahead of time for any help or advice.
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Wow, you would not think you could notice .3 mph. How do the linkages work? Do they feel stiff or like something is not moving like it should? I would also check and see how the hydro fluid looks. You never know if it has been changed or if the filter has been changed. I could be speaking out of turn here because something tells me that the x300 trans is not serviceable?

Someone with more knowledge will speak up soon.

The transmission is a sealed unit. I would check the drive belt for wear. It could be slipping.
The pedal linkage may be worn and needs to be adjusted.

Just my S.W.A.G. :cool:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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