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X475 Problems

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Friday I purchased a JD X475 with a 62C deck. It needed a few parts that I was able to get at my dealer this morning. I spent the rest of the day servicing, repairing, cleaning & adjusting.

I have a couple of issues that I do not know how to check out. The digital hour meter & fuel gauge do not work.

Is there a way to test where the problems are?
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First place to start is getting a wiring schematic. I would strongly recommend buying a service manual (it will have the schematic in it). You can get one from your dealer or going on line to JD Tech Pubs and ordering one. With the schematic in hand you should be able to trouble shoot them. It's possible you just may have a loose connection somewhere, but.....
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Nice pictures. I'm amazed that someone would leave that expensive tractor outside that long.
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