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x580 is getting a Big Brother

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Although my 2016 x580 has been a very hard working and dependable machine, my needs are out-growing its capabilities. I am at the point where I want to do more to my property from general clean-up to clearing to hauling wood from deeper on the lot. I have been using the 580 to mow, maintain the driveway, light duty grading/clearing, hauling, snow removal, etc., but doing some of those chores with the 580 still involve a lot of back breaking, manual labor. I am also getting tired of removing the deck to do my grading work (don't have to, but the deck width and ground clearance causes issues) or removing the sleeve hitch to convert over to my spreader and sprayer. So, I've decided to add a 1025R to my arsenal, keeping the x580 for mowing and other light tasks.

Went to my dealer yesterday for a talk about what I wanted and he was going to put together a quote and send it over in the morning. Just got the quote and here is what I'm looking at:

2021 1025R (no mower, R4 tires)
120R Loader
iMatch Quick Hitch
Frontier 48" Box Blade

Quote for the package is $17,748.00 plus tax. That doesn't include the $500 discount if I go with JD financing, which I probably will (either the 0% for 60 or the 0.9% for 72). For comparison, if I go through the Buy Online on, it ends up totaling $20,059.

Been reading the threads about the RK25, and I have gone and looked at those. Pricing a RK25 spec'd out like the JD package comes out to $16,788.98 online. That's only roughly $950 cheaper. Not enough difference for me when you add in the availability of JD accessories/parts and dealer support.

Before I head back to the dealer and make the final deal, any suggestions on anything to add to the package? After reading the other thread (Just ordered a 1025R - Some details...), I think I will add 4 more 42 weights (already have 4) in to the deal.
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Piggybacking on - I did a search and I read somewhere that I can't find now that the HH double bracket has a clearance issue somewhere (possibly only when packing all 16 weights).

Any feedback on this? I love the thought of a weight bracket that does ballast box weight capacity but has bettter clearance and the 42# weights can be used for other duties.
Thanks! That's what I was looking at/for!

I still think an HH with weights is probably the way I will want go to. Especially since it has the 2" receive so I can move my trailer around with the tractor if need be.

I don't yet have an iMatch since I just got the tractor. I'm still a greenhorn with this machine so for now I'll just keep the backhoe on and take it slow.

First thing ima gonna get is some mirrors. I can't handle vehicles without good mirrors.
I was concerned about the clearance for the inside facing weights too. I came across these 2 threads that basically say with an iMatch Quick Hitch on your tractor, not an issue. Without iMatch there are clearance problems on the inside facing (can only fit 6).

Heavy Hitch dual weight bracket configuration
See post 11 by Heavy Hitch

Dual hitch with eight weights on the inside
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