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Hi All,

I upgraded my 2015 X734 to add a 3-PT Hitch. Since I was in there I decided to add the Tow Relief Valve since I do Snow Plow and will Box Blade. I ordered
BW15043 John Deere 2WD TOW RELIEF VALVE and M146148 John Deere Rod to clear the additional height of the new TRV. My problem is that with the Gas Tank and rear Fender on the 'Neutral Rod' will not lift high enough to depress the actuators on the transaxle.

The other thing I noticed, which makes me think I may have the wrong Rod Part # is that my old Rod had a hole and a pin holding it in place whereas the new rod needed a washer & spring.

If I shim under the flat spots on the rod, I can make it work - but I am looking for a factory solution. Did I buy the wrong Rod, or are there spacer/shims that I do not know about?

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