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After picking up my new X739 about 10days ago I received my new 60” CTA blade yesterday and finished the install today. The tractor sat in my garage while it snowed twice in the last 10 days and I was dying to plow and didn’t have a blade, lol. Now I’ll probably not need it for the next 6-7 months, oh well.

I opted for the CTA over the Deere blade due to the reviews written by fellow members regarding the build quality and strength of the blade. And it was a bonus that the 60” CTA was about the same price as the Deere 54”. I must say that Jeff at CTA was very responsive to all my emails and questions. He shipped the blade the day after my order and simply provided great customer service. And the blade is stout and even nicer than I expected.

I also received great service from Steven at He custom drilled and shipped the rubber strip the same day and I received it the following day. I should have done more research on the hole placement because being centered didn’t allow the 5.5” strip to reach below the 6” metal plate at the base of the plow to squeegee my asphalt. This resulted in me having to drill out new holes with a spade bit as Steven advised. I opted to fill the predrilled holes with 1” sections of dowel rod to help alleviate the rubber from any deformation, though unlikely. I may still use an alternative metal bracket to compress the rubber strip in time if I don’t get the performance I’m looking for out of the current set up.

I installed the diverter valve with my quick hitch and everything seems to be operating as it should. I also checked the trans fluid and was a bit disappointed to find it was low. I did loose a bit when installing the divertevalve but I needed to add 1 quart to reach the proper level on the dip stick. I am quite sure I didn’t lose that much during my install. Also checked the engine oil and set the tire pressures.

Overall I am very excited to use my x739. This weekend I’ll be dragging a harrow and overseeding my native areas (about 3 acres) and then I’ll probably mount up the 54” deck. Still waiting for the auto connect from the dealer as it was on back order.

thanks again everyone for all your posts.

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