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What is a RIO button and where is it? Thanks
RIO stands for 'reverse implement operation'.

RIO can be activated with the RIO button OR by lifting the PTO lever to the RIO position (positions are off - on - RIO). It must be held in the RIO position until reverse motion has started -- it moves back to the on position when released.

Activating RIO before starting reverse operation will allow the PTO (deck) to continue running in reverse and when RIO is activated and machine is reversing button/lever can be released and the deck will continue to run.

Those that learned to steer with left hand and operate transmissions, motion control levers, hydraulic functions etc etc with the right hand, often find it easier to to get in the habit of using the PTO engage lever - which for RH operation is much handier than the button.
The engage lever does not 'detent' in the RIO position -- it returns to the 'on' position when released. As above, if in reverse motion when it is released the function will stay active until the next time travel is stopped.

The RIO button is the yellow button on LHS of steering wheel in the picture.

There is (or was) a decal on the machine that indicates the RIO button and RIO position for the pto lever.

If button/lever timing is off, and reverse motion occurs before the RIO is activated, the deck will disengage. To re-engage - stop travel and the pto will need to be moved to off and then re-engaged.
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