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Yard cleanup

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I had an overgrown yard (2 acre) cleared with a skid steer forest head mulcher. Once finished al all that remains is a very large deposit of ground up brush, spears and chunks of wood. I am looking for suggestions as what to do next. Any thoughts?
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Pictures would help. My first thought, using equipment that I have on hand would be a yard sweeper. But this might be bigger and chunkier than you can do with that. This also sounds like it would be smaller than you can get with grapple. A landscape rake might work to get it into manageable piles or off to the sides, which I'm thinking will probably be the best. Hard to tell without pictures. Need pictures.

Also important... what are you planning to do with this land? A forestry mulcher doesn't remove trees and brush from the ground. It just cuts it off at the ground. It's still there. If you're planning to make this into something other than "land to become overgrown again in a year", you still have much work to do in soil prep and cleanup besides this debris removal.
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