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Hello! I have an earlier 2010 Z425 - the one with the parker wheel motors. The right side, it goes slightly faster than the left. From what I understand, the previous owner did a change on the hydro fluid and it needed to be purged. I opened the valve on each side, and put the machine up on jack stands, and then tried to move it forward and backward to purge the air out. However, the right wheel continued to move after the valve was open - so I opened it further....still moved.....opened it FURTHER - and finally it shot hydraulic fluid all down my driveway......on a Saturday where no JD dealership is open so I can get the elusive J20D fluid.

Anyways, I am unsure as to what I did wrong here. I have low fluid now and intend to go tomorrow to get more fluid, but I just want it to track straight, and thought I was doing it properly - and turned out I messed something up! First zero turn so I appreciate all the insight!
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