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this past Tuesday I sold my 2320 with the 62” mmm and left without a mower. Sadly I visited the orange store Wednesday (based on location to the house) and put an order in for an F 431 with a 54” deck my youngest picked out. Also inquired about an MS 261 to replace my aging 290. Nothing in stock but I’m on the list.
called my deere dealership asking if they had the saw and they did and will hold it until Saturday. Went down today and asked what they had on the lot for ztrax. They had a 530e with a 54” but can get me a 60”. Great deal as it’s less than orange and back to bleeding green.
Unfortunately it’s a few weeks out and the grass isn’t slowing down but I have a nice neighbor.
canceled the orange, ordered green and a new saw with a 20” bar. Solid day.
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