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2018 John Deere Z970R
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Hi everyone, I have a 2018 Z970R that has 850 hours on it and the hydraulic deck lift has decided to **** the bed. I was wondering if anyone has any insight? I tested to make sure I have voltage at the plug to the hydraulic lift solenoid, when the deck lift button is pushed I get battery voltage 12.7 when the mower is off or 13.4 when running. I can here the relay click under the control panel when button is pushed. But it acts like the deck lift solenoid is not getting power. I disassembled the solenoid and valve and tried replacing the coil on the solenoid, still nothing ! now today I replaced replaced the the hydraulic valve/solenoid assembly at $555.00 and it still does nothing.
Hoping that someone on here has had a similar issue and could kindly point me in the right direction or tell me what I am missing.
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