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Z997 won't start

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My Z997 (bought 2010) won't start. I get an error code of 3-2 which indicates low voltage. I took the battery cables off and the multimeter shows 12.97V. I replaced the Start Relay. I pulled the cover off the fuse box and both are ok as are the diodes. I am not a mechanic.

Any thoughts on what could be wrong? Does anyone know the part # of these diodes?

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Do as you want. But lately I have not been overly impressed with John Deere batteries. I am a die hard replace with John Deere parts guy but the last time I got a battery for my 2520 it made it about 3-4 months. Could just be the extremely great luck I have also.
Yeah they did on the first one but the second one did not make it much more than year. Keep in mind this tractor sits in a 65degree garage in the winter so no real abuse on the battery. I finally went to farm and fleet and just bought one. That was about 3 years ago. Only complaint on that battery is the corrosion on the terminals. Have to clean every few months.
dj2520, I Googled replacement batteries and many people think highly of the John Deere Exide built Strongbox batteries. Hopefully they honored the warranty for you. I wonder if there is a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery that would fit in a 997.
Does it really say 699.95 for a battery!!! Or is my Amazon jacked up?
I found this on Amazon: Eastup 1250750 Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) Automotive Replacement Battery 12V 50AH, Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) 750A, 640Wh 10+ Years Lifetime. …
On the flip side when my lx277 battery died I put in a John Deere one and that is on year 8. Always has a maintainer on it over the winter. So yeah there’s that.
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