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Z997 won't start

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My Z997 (bought 2010) won't start. I get an error code of 3-2 which indicates low voltage. I took the battery cables off and the multimeter shows 12.97V. I replaced the Start Relay. I pulled the cover off the fuse box and both are ok as are the diodes. I am not a mechanic.

Any thoughts on what could be wrong? Does anyone know the part # of these diodes?

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Be sure and take a lot of money with you when you walk in the door at a JD dealer. John Deere bank account explodes when you say. "Give me a new Strongbox battery" Thake you battery measurements to a Marine boat dealer and get one for about 1/2 of a Strongbox cost. BTW> Your battery you have now needs replacing...even it shows 12.97volts. You have to have a 14 volts to start a Zero Turn….been there, done that. It's called... FAILED LOAD TEST.
On the flip side when my lx277 battery died I put in a John Deere one and that is on year 8. Always has a maintainer on it over the winter. So yeah there’s that.
A "12 volt" lead-acid starting battery should have 2.1 volts per cell giving a voltage of 12.6 VDC when fully charged. If you saw 14 volts then either your meter is off or, more likely, you saw what's called a "surface charge" on that battery.
You have to have a 14 volts to start a Zero Turn….been there, done that. It's called... FAILED LOAD TEST.
dixie460, Your post is basically what I expect to see in a lead acid battery. Maybe as much as 12.9 volts when fully charged and about 11.4 volts when fully discharged. When the engine is running maybe 13.7 to 14.7 volts. Looking at my records on the 997, I had this same issue with not starting in 2016 and had the original battery replaced with a JD battery. I purchased the lawnmower in 2010, so about 6 years on each JD battery. I have Battleborn lithium iron phosphate batteries and solar panels on my travel trailer, and see a float charge of 13.6 volts or so.
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I use battery maintainer's all the time on all my batteries, for many years. Except the Lithium batteries, that is. Confession: Had my 997 hooked to a maintainer with alligator clips over the winter. Walked by it every single day and looked at the maintainer blinking and to be sure the clips on on and to check for critter nests. Every single day for a solid 4 to 5 weeks, before I realized I put the (black) negative alligator clip on to the positive post on the battery, and the positive (red) alligator clip to engine block. I don't have an excuse.
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Success. Took old battery into JD dealer. Load tested at 7 to 8 volts. Bought a new JD batter group 47, $119. Installed and it started right off. Also changed the 2 air filters. Thank you to everyone who responded.
Hopefully you get another 4-5yrs at a minimum.
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